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E-Commerce - A Comprehensive E-commerce Solution

Dive into the success story of, a groundbreaking e-commerce platform meticulously crafted by BazleDev. As the largest online store in Malta, boasts an extensive catalog of over 700,000 SKUs (Products), making it a retail powerhouse in the region.

Backend & Frontend

Synchronised API Technology

Modern & Responsive Design

Multi Platform Development

Client Needs and Objectives: approached BazleDev with the ambitious goal of creating a cutting-edge online shopping experience. Their diverse inventory demanded a robust platform capable of handling a vast product range. BazleDev not only met but exceeded these expectations by developing a seamless and user-friendly website.

Multi-Platform Integration:

BazleDev’s innovation extended beyond web development to include a feature-rich iOS app and Android app. This comprehensive integration ensures that’s customers can enjoy a consistent and convenient shopping experience across various devices, enhancing accessibility and user engagement.

Scalability and Performance:

Recognizing the unique challenges of managing an e-commerce platform with an extensive SKU count, BazleDev implemented scalable solutions to ensure optimal performance. The result is a platform that effortlessly caters to’s growing product range and increasing customer base.


All-in-one mobile app for managing your finances

Account management

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Recurring purchases

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Funds protection

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Mobile application

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